The Issues

“I don’t believe I am the answer. The people are the answer,
and I will work to represent the people.” ~ Luke Malek

Individualism, Freedom, Personal Responsibility

Luke understands well that Idahoans are independent, and that they don’t need the government in every aspect of their lives.  There are very few issues that can’t be resolved by turning to freedom first.  That is the message that Luke will take to Boise starting with these issues:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Luke believes that business owners have the best knowledge to create jobs, they just need government out of the way.  Uncertainty from tax increases and massive legislative agendas hinder the ability of business owners to take risks.  This means less jobs.  Luke will work to fight that trend.

It’s about the economy…

Leadership can provide a path for economic prosperity.  By limiting regulatory roadblocks to growth, listening to the needs of business owners and preserving the values that Idahoans hold dear, Idaho will pull through the tough times we face and come out on top.

Improving our future by providing for our children’s education

Idaho needs to think outside of the box to provide a second-to-none education to our children without bankrupting the taxpayer.  We have begun to do that here in Idaho, but much more can be done.


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