An Idaho native fighting for Idahoans.

I’m running for Congress because we have to fight for the future of Idaho.

Luke Malek is running for Congress to serve Idahoans.  Currently representing the Coeur d’Alene area in the Idaho State House of representatives, he earned his seat and got to know his constituents by walking every precinct in all three of his successful elections.   He works hard to represent the citizens in his district.   He says, “Somewhere along the line, our representative government has moved away from serving the needs of constituents, and towards a political class beholden to the approval of special interests.”

A son of the West, Luke’s transition from the ranches of Wyoming to the mountains of North Idaho was a natural one.  He grew up helping with irrigation and fixing fence and spent summers stacking hay bales and shoeing horses. It was through hard work that he earned a scholarship to The College of Idaho and became student body president at a time that the college was struggling for survival.  Luke spent his college years fighting to keep Idaho’s premier liberal arts college from becoming a technical institute, and The College of Idaho continues strong today.

Post-graduation, Luke was instrumental in the transition of Dirne Free Clinic to the full-blown Heritage Community Health Center it is today.  After serving as the Executive Director of Urban Renewal Agency in Post Falls , Luke decided to further serve his community, he needed a law degree.  He spent two and a half years in Moscow earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho, but couldn’t stay away from service.  Even before he graduated 6 months early he began his law career in the Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office.  He met Tara, the love of his life at the University of Idaho.

Although he has a passion for law enforcement and what the Prosecutor’s Officer does, Luke answered the call to service once again when Representative Marge Chadderdon asked him to run for her seat in 2012.  Luke won that office, and has improved the lives of all Idahoans during his 5 years in the State House.  He passionately worked to keep federal control out of Idaho’s healthcare, and tirelessly fought for mental health crisis centers across the state and the restoration of Idaho’s roads.

In addition to serving Idaho in the legislature, Luke started Smith + Malek, a law firm serving Idahoans from Sandpoint to Boise.  He and his partner, Peter Smith, have grown a statewide business in a very short amount of time because they have taken the same approach to practice that Luke has taken to all his endeavors: service through solutions.

Now Luke wants to serve Idaho in Congress.  He believes that government should meet constituents’ needs and not the agenda of a far-off interest group.  With family still in Idaho, Luke has strong ties throughout the state.  His priorities will remain with the people he serves and his moral obligations rest in preparing our children for the future and educating a workforce that will keep Idaho strong.  Healthcare is not a political issue for Luke, it is the family business, and he will continue to fight federal intrusion, rising premiums, and limits on choice in Idaho’s healthcare market.  As the brother of two active duty Air Force officers, Luke understands the necessity for modernization in national security, and Idaho’s interest in continued growth at Mountain Home Air Force Base and Gowen Field.

Luke Malek is running for Congress because he wants solutions for Idahoans and he will choose Idahoans over out-of-state interests.  We can trust Luke because his ties to our communities are strong and growing every day.  He will go to Congress and fight to keep Idaho the beautiful and prosperous place we deserve, because that is where he is growing his family and his business.