An Idaho native fighting for Idahoans.

I’m running for Congress because we have to fight for the future of Idaho.

My name is Luke Malek, and I’m running for Congress because Congress is broken and it does not represent us. We need members of Congress that listen to everyday people, collaborate, and solve problems.

Congress is desperate for good leaders who will collaborate to create innovative solutions – leaders that will not back down from tough problems. I am ready to lead change for our country by enacting principled, conservative policy that will ensure a better tomorrow.

Now is the time for leadership that will remember our history, understand where we are now, and focus on future generations. In Congress, I will use my conservative values as a guide, work collaboratively on sustainable solutions and bring leadership to the Capitol that Idahoans are looking for.

I am an Idaho state representative in my third term with a dedication to hard work, service and resolve to fight for our future. I am a small business owner and employer. I am a former prosecutor. I get my desire to serve from my family and faith– my grandfather fought for our country in World War II and two of my brothers are currently serving overseas in our nation’s military. My parents serve their community as physicians. I am dedicated to doing my part by representing the people in Idaho’s first congressional district.

My record in Idaho shows that I never shrink from finding solutions on the toughest issues. I have carried many bills that have greatly impacted Idaho for the better, and I hold more town halls for my constituents than any other legislator.

I believe in an Idaho where families thrive, where our children receive a world-class education, where our businesses grow and create jobs free from over-regulation. This is the future that I fight for every day as an Idaho legislator and the future that I will continue to fight for as your Congressman.

No one will work harder for the people of our state than I will. I appreciate your support as I take the fight for Idaho’s future to Congress.