Luke’s Plan for Supporting the American worker and Building the Economy

The government doesn’t create jobs, businesses do. But Congress can help job-creators succeed by implementing policies that are friendly to workers and businesses alike. America’s economy succeeds when common sense policies defeat the burdens of bureaucracy.

You shouldn’t need a college degree to achieve the American dream.  The loss of jobs in core industries like mining, timber and manufacturing is devastating the middle class.  Luke wants to build an economy that brings dignity and prosperity back to the American worker, and he has a plan to do it.

First, Congress must end the regulations that close factories and encourage companies to move jobs overseas.  Instead, Congress should incentivize innovations that improve safety, increase transparency, and protect the environment.

Second, Congress must reform the tax code.While large corporations abuse loopholes their lobbyists helped write, small businesses and workers suffer.  Lowering taxes isn’t enough; real reform requires fair, stable tax policies that provide businesses with the certainty they need to thrive.

Third, Congress must fund more vocational and technical training in our high schools.  Community colleges should become hubs for training workers for the highly skilled jobs of the 21st Century.  Businesses and educators should work together to make sure that every student is job ready on graduation day.

Fourth, Congress must repair and modernize America’s infrastructure.  Investing in infrastructure will create thousands of new jobs in every community in America.  New roads and bridges will ease congestion and improve transportation, rebuilding dams and levees will protect communities from natural disasters and modernizing the electrical grid will save every American business and taxpayer money.

Lastly, Congress must change the way it negotiates trade agreements.  Foreign interests cannot be placed ahead of economic needs.  Trade agreements need to be fair, productive and put America first.  Idaho’s agricultural producers and manufacturers deserve the best deal we can give them.

Fighting for the future of Idaho means fighting for a strong economy and better jobs.

These policies are just the beginning, but they are the critical first steps that will put America’s economy back on the track.